Covid-19 will be a difficult Challenge but it is one that we must face

The worldwide news media are totally focused on COVID-19. The current situation is of course very serious, difficult and for the vast majority of us unprecedented. Nevertheless, we clearly cannot disregard the conflicts and wars that are going on today particularly in Syria, Libya, and Yemen. We must stress that camps for refugees and internally displaced persons are places where the virus and disease can spread quickly. Of course, we do not know when this pandemic will end. The (forced) confinement of the population appears to be the most appropriate solution to fight this pandemic. At present, over 3 Billion people around the world are confined to their homes. And this figure is rising steadily. It is a clear fact that the pressure put by such a health crisis in our societies is high. And as our population’s ages, not only in Western countries, society demands more out of our health system. Increasingly the citizens are turning to the State for assistance, particularly at this time, given the fact that the threats posed by the current pandemic are diffuse and unpredictable. In this context, the vast majority of people already accept to stay at home. It is acknowledged that social distancing measures are a key component of a community-based disease control strategy. The COVID-19 outbreak is undoubtedly generating important stress in the worldwide population. Despite that, we should try to remain calm and we must continue to act together to save our planet.

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