Link Building At Its Finest

First of all, what is link building and why is it important? Link building is the process of building as many links pointing to your website as possible and preferably high quality links. Link building can be done in many different ways, some which take time and some that are worth more and carry more weight. Link building is important because links are used in a way similar to a vote, for example if you got 10 links and another site only had 2 links you would rank higher in the search engines.

Lets dive a little deeper into link building since it is more important to learn how to properly build links, I think you already know the importance of links so I won’t waste your time with that. No matter how old your website it is always a good idea to build multiple links using many different sources. The reason for building links using multiple sources is because you never know when a search engines algorithm is going to change and doing so drop your site off the search engines.

My favorite types of links to get are blog comments and the reason for that is simple, I am already reading the blog so why not leave a comment and hopefully get a link. The trick to effective blog commenting is to use your keyword anchor text only on sites that are related to your site and on sites that aren’t make sure you still put a link but use your real name. The reason this is important to do is because nobody wants a link that says make money online on a site about dog food or house breeding. Do you get what I am saying?

In my opinion the most effective and time consuming link are article links. You get these from article directories such as EzineArticles, GoArticles, and ArticlesBase. The great thing about getting links from articles is that you can write one article and post it on multiple sites so each article could be easily worth 20 links or more. The one thing you need to know about articles for backlinks is that they work very well if you stick to it.

And the next best way to build backlinks is from social bookmarking and forum links. The reason these aren’t on the top of the list is because for the time being these don’t carry a lot of weight according to Google and Yahoo. These are pretty standard and are where most people turn to because of how easy they are to get but make sure you use all four of these methods in order to have an all around link building campaign. When it comes to link building just remember the more you do it just means you will start to make money quickly.

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