Why Link Building Fails

The prime objective of a link popularity campaign should be to help a site rank higher. Every link popularity campaign is started keeping this factor in mind. Sometimes it is observed that a seemingly successful link building campaign turns out to be a failure. Why does this happen? Reasons vary. Most of the times it is due to choosing the wrong Link Building Firm. Another reason could be the lack of knowledge about how to go ahead with a link building process.

Let us take a look at some of the important reasons which lead to the failure of link building.

  • Neglecting the importance of Back links: Back links play a pivotal role in driving targeted traffic to a site. You can’t expect a stranger to find your location unless you give him a particular address. Similarly, in absence of back links, a site will bear the brunt of not receiving visitors and potential customers. Visitors would not know how to find you. What needs attention here is- back links should be posted on relevant and thematically similar sites. Other wise it is as good as having no back links.
  • Neglecting Inner Pages: Quite often the back links direct visitors to the homepage of a web site as the homepage holds the crux of a site. What usually skips our mind is that inner pages too are vital in terms of theme and content. Consider the following scenario- A visitor looking for Italian furniture is driven to the homepage of a home décor website which has no specific information regarding various types of furniture available. This will most likely end up in driving the visitor away.
  • Links from irrelevant pages: Most of the times people fall for the temptation of having as many back links as they can have. This makes them go on a linking spree. This is one of the main reason why link building doesn’t yield results. Giving back links of your site on just any site out there does not mean a targeted traffic will flow to your site. In fact, that is impossible. There is no point in placing a books website link on a garments website.
  • Linking with bad neighbors/ FFAs: Reciprocal linking is a good way to promote your web site. Again, this is where most link building campaigns take a severe beating. Reciprocal linking pays only if a site is linked to another reputed and popular web site. Posting links on free for all sites and sites with malicious reputation only brings a bad name to your own site.
  • Juxtaposing back links with many outbound links: As per Google’s algorithm, the number of out bound links on a page should not exceed 100. If a site’s link is placed on a page having more than 100 other links, no PR juice will flow and Google will not index that site. This will ultimately mar the PR of a site.

The above mentioned points highlight some of the reasons why a potential link building campaign fails. A well directed approach with a thorough understanding of link building process can help one make it a success.

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